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La hija de Bruce Willis y Demi Moore se desnudó (Foto)



Publicado por Roberto Marquez
hija de Bruce Willis y Demi Moore
Bruce Willis y Demi Moore tuvieron a Rumer En 1988. FOTO: EP | Mundo.

Rumer Willis, hija de Bruce Willis y Demi Moore se desnudó completamente en las redes sociales. El retoño de los veteranos actores de Hollywood mostró toda su sensualidad.

Amarrada y desnuda, así apareció en su cuenta de Instagram, Rumer Willis. La joven de 32 años está dando mucho de qué hablar por sus últimas fotografías en donde expone un poco de erotismo.

Hija de Bruce Willis y Demi Moore se desnudó

Rumer Willis se desnudó para exponer cómo el cuerpo de la mujer es sometido por hombres y mujeres qué dictan qué es lo que se debe usar según sus formas y tamaños.

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….and I’ll call you sir . . . This series I created with Tyler is about reclaiming the female form. Whether clothed or not, as women our bodies are constantly policed and dictated over by men and by other women. We are told what we can and cannot wear based on our size and shape or others beliefs about what is acceptable or appropriate. We are told what we need to look like to be considered beautiful. We are told if we dress a certain way we are “asking for it” or if we are more covered up we are prude or unexpressed. We are told our sexuality and expression of that sexuality is something we should ashamed of, something we should keep to ourselves. We are persecuted for our right to choose when to become a mother, or to become one at all. We are kept from access to birth control, places to get information about sexual health and contraceptives are defunded. The lineage of women who have fought with their lives to progress women’s rights sacrificed everything to get us to where we are today and we are still miles away from any sort of equality. My body and my right to my divine femininity will not be policed or suppressed by anyone… man or woman. . This idea that when other women are naked it means they don’t respect themselves —- us being naked or sexual is automatically assumed as being done for a man out of self loathing and insecurity and it’s such bullshit. we can be sexual for us. We can be naked for us. We can be tied up for us. People think telling women to not be naked and “respect themselves” is feminist but it’s really just centering men once again in the assumption that everything you are doing is for them. I want to say to anyone that has suffered abuse or was triggered by these photos because of past trauma my only intention was that of celebration and empowering the female form but I understand for some this could bring up the opposite. Know that I see you and I respect you and wish to hold you and your stories with the upmost reverence and respect. This was not for any man. This was for me. It was about exploration and taking back power in my right to choose. I support any woman’s right to express their sensuality, sexuality, self.

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La actriz y modelo aseguró que busca «explorar y recuperar el poder» en su «derecho a elegir». Resaltó «el derecho de cualquier mujer a expresar su sensualidad y sexualidad».

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