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¡52 centímetros! El tremendo récord Guinness de este hombre (Fotos)



Publicado por Roberto Marquez
El hombre con el afro más grande
La hazaña fue reconocida por Libro Guinness de récords mundiales. FOTO: Pixabay.

El hombre con el afro más grande del mundo es toda una celebridad en las redes sociales y lleva con orgullo su récord Guinness.

Benny Harlen es el nombre del sujeto que ostenta el récord Guinness del hombre con el afro más grande del mundo. Su abultada cabellera le sirvió para ganar cientos de seguidores en su cuenta Instagram.

Fue en el 2018 cuando Benny se hizo el crespado más alto del mundo -de 52 centímetros- y con el ganó el tan anhelado premio. Aprovechando la fama, quiso sacarle el máximo partido a su mediática popularidad y decidió crear una marca de cuidado para el cabello.

El hombre con el afro más grande del mundo

Harlem fue toda una sensación en las redes sociales. Sus fotografías lo convirtieron en todo un símbolo. Su cabello no tenía comparación.

Su hija pequeña heredó su abundante cabellera. Según Benny, el secreto de su melena perfecta está en su champú natural artesanal que él mismo fabrica.

Luego de lanzar su champú vinieron los problemas. Benny fue acusado de estafar a sus clientes con productos que no eran nada naturales.

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"Hi Mr. King Benny Harlem!! Ok you don't me and you don't know this but you changed my Life. In the middle of 2016 Me and my boyfriend went to the Hospital to terminate a pregnancy, I was crying all morning and could hardly get out of bed because I just felt like I was guilty or something! I felt like I had to do this though my boyfriend was looking for work looking for work, we both was staying with my mom and money was tight, so you know .. it was the only thing to do. Me and boyfriend got to the hospital checked in and waited in the waiting room. while we were waiting my boyfriend was on his Instagram and this picture of you and your family came up out of nowhere. First he started crying and he put his hand over his face, I keep asking him what's wrong? What's wrong? He looked at me and said " I'm about to make my first decision for my child and as a parent" He grabbed me up and rushed us both out the Hospital. Fast forward to today Your the reason why he has more drove your the reason why he got a job 6 months later and put us in our own apartment. your also the reason why Malika Tia Johnson is here today a healthy baby girl. When we have a son we plan to name him after Benny harlem , The man that saved his big sisters life. Can't thank you enough!! Don't ever stop your Art or your message for NOBODY!!!! EVER!!! Cause you changed our lives! Love you Benny" – Elaina Via Facebook (Photographer Landon Moreau Art Director Benny Harlem)

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Sus kits reparadores de cabello se vendían por 400 euros y fueron cuestionados.

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It's my pleasure to mentor young boys all over the country through my non profit organization Harlem Nation Foundation .. But when I received this message I decided to take on the responsibility of mentoring brothers of all ages. It's apart of my duty and it's an honor serve in the mission that the most high cultivated me to be a part of. I back in touch with Brother Dashawn and gave him advice on how to plan his way out of odds.. I gave him some of the key methods to family structure and order. It is my belief that when a man wakes up to his true power his worth in his own eyes becomes to sacred to sell to anyone. For the last 7 days Dashawn has been purifying his body and mind in a way that he has never done before. Yesterday I received the new Los that he also manifested a $25+ an hour job without any work history during his detox and mental cleansing. When a man makes up his mind to change his life and move in discipline, structure , love & light .. Things are guaranteed to change in him and around him. #BennyHarlemPositivity #BennyHarlemLovePeace

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Su ascenso a la fama fue meteórico y el final de su carrera igual. Ahora sus apariciones son esporádicas. A pesar de todo siempre será recordado como el hombre con el afro más grande.


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¡52 centímetros! El tremendo récord Guinness de este hombre (Fotos)

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