About Us

We believe lifestyle is more than a trend; it’s a narrative that reflects who we are and how we choose to live. Since 2015, we’ve been a trusted source for millions, offering fresh and authentic perspectives on what it truly means to live well.

Our platform is a tapestry of diverse voices, each bringing their unique experiences and insights to the table. We’re not just a media outlet; we’re a community. A place where readers can find solace, inspiration, and empowerment.

Our content is curated with care, ensuring that each piece resonates with our audience and adds value to their lives.

Our Approach

To inspire, educate, and empower our community to live their best life. Whether through trending news, esoteric explorations, or the heartfelt sentiments of wishes, we aim to enlighten, delight, and connect.

How we intend to do it

We want to be the go-to destination for those seeking meaningful content that enriches their daily lives. We envision a world where our content sparks conversations, fosters understanding, and inspires positive action.

Our Core Beliefs

  • Integrity: We uphold the highest standards in our work, ensuring that our content is honest, transparent, and trustworthy.
  • Diversity: We celebrate diverse voices and perspectives, recognizing the strength that comes from inclusivity.
  • Innovation: We’re always looking ahead, embracing new ideas and technologies to enhance our platform and user experience.

Our Contents

  • Trending News: We don’t just report; we humanize the news, connecting the dots between lifestyle and the ever-changing world around us.
  • Esotericism: A journey into the mystical world, where the old meets the new and the known blends with the unknown.
  • Wishes: More than just desires, we delve into heartfelt sentiments, from birthday and Valentine wishes to evocative poems that touch the soul.

Meet Our Team

Comprised of passionate writers, each an expert in their domain, our team is dedicated to bringing you content that not only informs but also inspires.

  • Trending News – Alexandra Stevens | Senior Editor
    With a background in journalism and a passion for uncovering the truth, Alexandra brings a fresh perspective to today’s hottest topics. She believes in the power of storytelling to connect and inspire.
  • Esotericism – Liam O’Reilly | Esoteric Content Specialist
    A scholar of ancient mysticism and a modern-day spiritual guide, Liam delves deep into the unknown, bringing forth wisdom and insights from ages past.
  • Wishes – Sophie Martinez | Lead Writer for Wishes
    A poet at heart, Sophie crafts heartfelt sentiments that resonate. From birthday wishes to evocative poems, she captures the essence of human emotions.

Connect & Collaborate

At EP | Lifestyle, we believe in the power of collaboration. Whether you’re a brand looking to advertise, a writer seeking a platform, or a reader with feedback, we want to hear from you.

For collaborations, advertising opportunities, or any other inquiries, please click here to reach out to our team. Together, let’s create something beautiful.