Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions described below are intended to regulate the use made by persons accessing the Internet site epmundo.com.

Any person who makes use of the “Services” (i.e. all information provided by epmundo.com and / or Third Parties through the Site, the Content disclosed and all those services that in the future may offer and / or promote epmundo.com and / or “Third Parties” on the Site (i.e. all those individuals or legal entities that through the hiring of the Services provided by epmundo. com publish Content, advertise or market products and / or services on the site) provided by the site will automatically and unfailingly fall within the character of “User” (any person who accesses and browses epmundo.com via http, https, ftp protocol and / or use emails published on the Site, and consequently must assume all the responsibilities that such character imposes, which are set out in this document).

On the Site, “Content” shall be considered any digital document in html, gif, jpg, pdf, rm, mp3, mp2, mov, and any other format used to allow access to information, works of art, music, photographs, videos and any form that a creation of the human intellect may take, as well as the graphic design and source codes of the Site, which are protected by nationally and internationally recognized copyright laws.

The operation of the epmundo.com website is intended to provide Users with information and services related to the cultural, touristic, social, international, economic and political activities of the world. Likewise, the site aims to offer Users the different products and/or services advertised by epmundo.com.

Access to the information provided by the Site is free of charge. The User must, in certain and certain cases, register to enjoy the benefits of those services that epmundo.com expressly determined.

epmundo.com collects the minimum necessary information of child type only to provide its services. epmundo.com does not request personally identifiable information to people when entering the Site. Minors should always ask their parents for permission before submitting personal information and/or entering the Site. It is the sole responsibility of their parents, guardians and / or caregivers to verify the entry and use made by a minor on the Site.

The use of the Site is the sole responsibility of the User, who must use it according to the functionalities allowed in the site itself and the uses authorized in these Terms and Conditions, so the User agrees to do so in a way that does not violate the rules of use and coexistence on the Internet, the laws and legislation in force in the country in which the user is using them, good customs, the dignity of the person and the rights of others.

The Users commit themselves to use the services or contents exclusively for their personal use, and not to carry out neither directly nor indirectly a commercial exploitation of the same. Users do not have the right to place hyperlinks to and from the Site, nor the right to place or use the contents of the Site on their own or third party sites or pages without prior written authorization from epmundo.com. Likewise, users shall not have the right to limit or prevent any other user from using the Site.

The User shall use all elements and means made available on the Site by epmundo.com and / or Third Parties in full compliance with the laws, regulations and governmental provisions in force and applicable, as well as with these Terms and Conditions, instructions and other notices posted on the Site. Therefore, the User shall not use the Services for illicit purposes, or purposes that are prohibited by these Terms and Conditions, or that may damage or undermine the rights and interests of third parties, or that in any way may harm or prevent the free and normal use of the Services and/or Contents of epmundo.com, of Third Parties, of other Users and/or of any individual or legal entity.

The User is not entitled to use any Content of the Site and shall be liable for violations of rights of Third Parties, the Site and epmundo.com, and shall be obliged to compensate the injured parties for damages that such violations produce.

Likewise, the User may not and shall not collect data stored on the Site for advertising purposes or send advertising and/or communications of any kind for commercial purposes to other Users, unless epmundo.com has previously and expressly authorized it. Nor may or should the User make available to third parties, for any purpose, data obtained from the distribution lists implemented, provided and / or promoted by the Site.

The User may not make false, inaccurate or incorrect statements or indications about the Site, about the Services promoted therein, or about epmundo.com and / or Third Parties, nor may it state or imply that epmundo.com has authorized, supervised or assumed responsibility in any way for the content or services offered or made available by the website.

epmundo.com undertakes to treat absolutely confidential personal data of the user, taking security measures of technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the security of the same and avoid its alteration, loss, treatment and / or unauthorized access. epmundo.com ensures, as far as possible and in accordance with the current state of technology, confidentiality and integrity of data and information provided by users to fulfill the purposes stated above.

epmundo.com not send advertising or promotional communications via e-mail, or other means of electronic communication equivalent, if not previously requested or expressly authorized by the recipients thereof. The provisions of the preceding paragraph shall not apply where there is a prior contractual relationship and the contact details of the recipient have been obtained with the express consent of the same.

The Site includes content, texts, documents, advertising material, drawings, technical material of products or any other order, databases, sounds, software programs, corporate logos, distinctive signs, trademarks, graphic designs, combinations of elements, logos and images, which are protected by intellectual or industrial property rights of which epmundo.com is the owner or legitimate licensee.In this sense, the total or partial reproduction, public communication, modification, transformation, copying, distribution, or any other form of exploitation and manipulation of the Site, its technical devices, contents, applications, source codes, design, selection and form of presentation of the materials and, in general, with respect to the information contained in the Site is strictly prohibited.

It is also forbidden to decompile, reverse engineer or, in general, transmit in any way or make derivative works of the computer programs necessary for the operation and access to the Site and the services contained herein, as well as to perform any act of exploitation with respect to them.

epmundo.com is not responsible for the use or suitability of services provided by third parties (tools, digital access, market research, etc.), nor for the suspension of such services, so it is excluded from any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to them.

Each User agrees to indemnify and hold harmless epmundo.com, its controlled and / or controlling companies, officers, representatives, agents and employees of all of them, for any claim or demand from other users or third parties for their activities on the Site or for their breach of these Terms and Conditions of Use and other policies that are understood as part of them, or for violation of any laws or rights of third parties.

epmundo.com does not guarantee in any way the permanent availability or access of the User to the Site or the Services offered therein, nor does it guarantee that its use is necessary, useful and / or beneficial to develop any activity.epmundo.com will take all necessary measures to allow the proper functioning, access and use of the Site and its Services.

epmundo.com will take all necessary measures to allow the proper functioning, access and use of the Site and its Services.

epmundo.com will take all technical precautions at its disposal to prevent authorized third parties become aware of the type, conditions, characteristics and circumstances of the use that users make of the Site. However, epmundo.com does not guarantee in any way the security and privacy of the User in the use of the Site or the Services offered therein. In particular, it does not guarantee that third parties outside the Site and / or epmundo.com are prevented from having knowledge of the aforementioned information.In relation to the security measures that epmundo.com adopts, considering general security conditions offered by the Internet today, it should be noted that whenever readers voluntarily disclose personal information online, it can be collected and used by others, a situation that exceeds the will of epmundo.com.Therefore, considering that epmundo.com makes its best effort to protect the personal information of its readers, epmundo.com will not be responsible for the dissemination of the same when it is made by outside sources and will not be liable for damages that such disclosure generates.epmundo.com will take all measures within its power to prevent, reduce and / or eliminate possible infection, spread and / or transmission of computer viruses in all its forms and versions in the Contents of the Site. However, epmundo.com does not guarantee in any way the absence of viruses or other elements in the Contents that may cause alterations in the User’s computer system, either in software or hardware, or electronic documents and documents stored in the computer system of the Site. In the event that the User receives a virus by any means related to the Site, he/she must immediately inform epmundo.com for intervention and correction.

The epmundo.com Site encourages the formation of a virtual community which promotes the free exchange of ideas and opinions among its Users. Therefore, epmundo.com expressly states that the opinions, facts, comments, references and ideological positions published on its Site do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editors and managers of epmundo.com. Therefore, the Site and/or epmundo.com shall not be responsible for the value judgments made by its Users, contributors, moderators, writers, interviewees and/or advertisers.epmundo.com shall not be responsible in any way for the intellectual property of Content provided by Third Parties, serving these Terms and Conditions of Use as express and manifest declaration of Third Parties as to their total and exclusive responsibility for the violation of intellectual property rights, patents and / or trademarks owned by other individuals or legal persons. The Third Parties hereby assume the responsibility to hold epmundo.com harmless for any action, claim or expense incurred as a result of a violation by the Third Parties of any intellectual property rights.All trademarks, patents, trade names or logos of any kind or type that appear on the Site are owned by epmundo.com or Third Parties, without being understood that the use or access to the Site, the Services and / or the Content gives the User any right and / or license on trademarks, patents, trade names and / or logos stored therein.

epmundo.com shall be entitled to suspend for an indefinite period and / or to conclude with the provision of the Services and Content offered on its Site at the time and place it deems appropriate, without the aforementioned suspension and / or conclusion gives Users any right to claim judicial and / or extrajudicial compensation epmundo.com whenever it is convenient and feasible to anticipate the Users the decision above.epmundo.com shall be entitled to restrict, suspend and / or prohibit access to its Site those Users who have acted in contradiction with the Terms and Conditions of Use detailed herein, with morality and decency, and / or have violated any provision, regulation and / or legislation applicable to the Services and Content offered, published and advertised on the Site. This determination shall not require prior notice to the User in question, nor shall it give the User any right to claim against epmundo.com for damages that such decision may cause.

In the event that a User detects, becomes aware of or sees his rights affected by the improper conduct of another User on the Site epmundo.com, in violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of Use, morality and decency and applicable law, must immediately notify epmundo.com by sending an email to the following address: info @ epmundo.com

In the aforementioned email must specify clearly and precisely your personal data, those of the generator of the harmful event, the facts and circumstances that you consider harmful to your person and all other data that facilitate epmundo.com taking a decision.

Also, if the User wishes to communicate with epmundo.com for suggestions, evacuate their doubts about the scope of these Terms and Conditions of Use or have any other concerns, you can do so by sending an email to info @ epmundo.com